Wedding Dress Styles


How do you choose ‘the one’

This is the most important decision the bride has to face when planning her wedding – what to wear? There are so many wedding dress styles out there, different fabrics, lengths of dress, different hues of white, designers – a potential nightmare! These are all issues that need to be looked at, but you really need to start with how much money you want to spend. Ready to wear wedding dresses range from a few hundred pounds upto a few thousand. If you want to design your own dress and have a wedding dressmaker realise your dream, then these can start from around £3,000 and go to upwards of £10,000. If your priority on your wedding is to have a designer dream of a dress that costs several thousands of pounds and you can afford it, then that’s upto you, even though you will most likely only wear it once.

Your wedding day is one of the most exciting days of your life

and what you choose to wear will very much be a personal choice. Some of you will have been saving for months and will spend all of your savings on a one-off designer gown, and others will prefer to get value for money and buy off the rail. For most these days, brides will simply spend whatever it is they can afford and want the best possible dress for that money.

So how do you go about choosing a dress? How do you single out the one for you with so many differing wedding dress styles? Bridal magazines are a great way to start – they have lots of wedding dress advertising, where you can get a feel for ‘what’s hot in design’ this year and get some ideas of who your favourite designers may be. Once you have armed your head full of pictures of yourself in various styles of wedding gowns, then start visiting a selection of bridal shops. It’s a great day out, so remember to take your mother and girlfriends who will give you impartial advice. You will also start to get a sense of what you like and dislike. Don’t be put off from trying on several wedding dress styles, some look better on than off, and vice-versa. You may be amazed at how beautiful a ‘merangue’ type style of dress may look and could have been one that you definitely didn’t want. Straps or strapless, fishtail, ballerina length, short, A-line, Grecian, try them all on, and narrow down your preferred choices.

You should look for great, personal and unbiased service from the wedding shops you visit. The assistant should be in the changing room with you helping to get you in and out of the dresses. They are usually armed with a mouthful of pins, ready to tighten the dress to get the look of the finished article and swirl a veil on your head. It goes without saying that you should not be competing with too many other brides trying on dresses at the same time. Allow plenty of time for your ‘trying on’ sessions. Try to choose your chosen wedding dress from a designer or wedding shop whose service you thought was fantastic. This is a good indication of the care and attention they will place on your order, arrange fittings for your dress and present your wedding dress on the day beautifullly steamed and in a garment bag.

There are several options in choosing your dress:

A ready-made design where you try on a sample dress in the shop

The assistant will take your measurements and the dress is then ordered and made specifically for you. You then have another fitting in the bridal shop to make any last minute adjustments. Prices range from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand – depending on the chosen design and designer.

Once worn/sample dresses

Many brides these days are budget conscious and look at this new emerging market. There are many bridal wear shops in the business of selling once worn, or sample dresses. These dresses usually need to be altered to fit you – so a couple of fittings may be required. Alternatively, look online at the web for individuals selling their once worn wedding dresses – you can adapt these dresses to suit your personal taste. Dresses can start from as little as £200.

Bespoke designer gown

The expensive option – a gown designed specifically for you and to your own requirements. It can be from scratch or an adaptation of a gown you have seen but want to customise more to your taste. You will usually need 4-5 fittings. Costs ranging from £3,000 upto £10,000 or more.

Attention to detail is essential, so once you have chosen your wedding gown, you will need to think about bridal accessories.  Take a look at the latest wedding dress inspiration from top designers for 2016.